Celtic Lore | Dragon Runes

DragonSoul Magic

In Dragon Magic, one form of divination are the Dragon Runes (aka Druatch Runes). They were envisioned and created by Isedon Goldwing in April 2001. Isedon said they were “a set that I have come across through re-memory/trance/channeling/whatever you want to call it…”

The Druatch language that the names for the runes come from, is based on memories from others who have the past experiences of dragons as well, by finding the words appropriate to the idea behind the rune, the names were created, through continuing meditation and assigned appropriately.

I plan on making a set for myself using wood circles and burning the images onto each piece.  I feel that using something that is natural to make my runes would connect me better to them.  You could also use your favorite stones!

23172875_1214547925355319_7017203201080664925_nRatanen – Fog Dream. Represents the mists of all that was, is, or will be, and made…

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