Contemplations …

∞ “What I say is not to take anything away from anyone’s personal or organized belief systems. In fact, I say go ahead and enjoy your beliefs as far as you wish to take them. My only intention is to offer alternate paths to wander and ponder. Did you ever wonder why some beliefs work for some and not for others? Astrology, numerology, tarot cards, crystals, palm reading, religions/superstitions, and so on, are all fun, wonderful, playful Ideas or Symbols that some have created in this Reality to help, in some way, comprehend their connection to Source. Obviously, there are thousands and thousands of beliefs to choose from. In fact, if you picked up a pebble off the ground and Believed strongly enough that it had the power to Affect your path in life…IT WOULD. This is the True Power of our Minds. This is the True Power of Spirit. This is the True Power that we All have. So, CHOOSE to believe whatever you like. If it works for you, keep believing it. Have fun. If, however, your present belief system is Not working for you or you have some doubts, KNOW that you can change it at any time in any way, without any fear or punishment. My suggestion is Always to keep it simple. Believe in Yourself. Know that you are ONE with Creation. Know that the Power is Within You. Experience Infinite Possibilities. Look Beyond your Limited Belief Systems.” ∞

© Eric Allen author

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