Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – 4 of Pentacles – Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Ah! Our little monster looks rather content and pleased with himself today. Very often, we view this card with rather negative connotations, if one is unwilling to budge, or in some way displaying miserly behavior. However, today feels as though there is a sense of “I like where I am at the moment”. We all get that way from time to time, but know that it is ok for just today, and tomorrow will be a new day with a different energy.

For most, we are sufficiently past Mercury retrograde in order to resume some of the practices which were set aside as it traveled seemingly backwards through the sign of Aries. If experience has taught you that you are in any way Mercury-challenged, as I definitely am, then a conservative approach may still be necessary on your part. Hold onto your hard-earned money, and avoid any major purchases which…

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15 Sources of Plant-Based Protein

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

More and more people are interested in following vegetarian or vegan diets or reducing their use of animal products. A shift away from animal products is getting easier with more fortified and nutritious plant-based foods available.

A person may try a vegan diet for health, animal welfare, or religious reasons. In 2016, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics stated that a vegetarian or vegan diet could provide all the nutritional requirements of adults, children, and those who were pregnant or breastfeeding.

Even so, getting enough protein and essential vitamins and minerals can be harder for people who do not eat meat or animal products. A person must plan ahead to ensure they get enough protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin B-12, which people on an omnivorous diet get from animal products.

Read on for a list some of the best plant-based foods for protein. We also discuss the differences between animal and plant…

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Health Benefits of Barley Water

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Barley water is made from barley, which is believed to be one of the oldest grains in the world. Although it is not a staple of most American diets, there is growing evidence that barley and barley-based foods have a variety of health benefits.

In this article, we look at the evidence behind the many health claims about barley, as well as its nutritional value. We also list steps on how to make barley water at home.

Five potential benefits

The health benefits of barley water include:

1. Fiber Boost

Barley water benefits digestive system

Barley water is an excellent source of fiber, which helps to keep the digestive system healthy.

Many of barley’s health benefits come from it being an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber is essential for keeping the digestive system healthy, contributing to healthy bowel movements, and helping people avoid problems such as constipation.

Researchers have linked a diet high in dietary…

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Venus in Gemini Mars Jupiter sextile

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Venus enters AIRY, LIGHT sign of the TWINS –  GEMINI April 24 until May 19th

It’s flirty, fabulous, charming, sweet-talking LOVING time. Venus in Gemini is two-timing.  There will be lots of double dating going on.

This day also has that lovely MARS in CAPRICORN sextile JUPITER energy

It’s sexy strong steadfast deeply intense getting to the heart and soul of romance.

Venus in Gemini needs to be stimulated with words, ideas and fun. 

VENUS in GEMINI  is a TWIN FLAME symbol,  the Messenger of Love {Mercury- Gemini’s ruler} wearing wings of desire,

Venus= love, relationships.  Gemini= choices, communications, analyzing, fickle, immature, LITE.

The Venus in GEMINI mantra; She/he loves me,   I love him/her. Or do I? I dunno.

VENUS is symbolized by the Empress, Goddess, Trump #3 in the TAROT 

GEMINI is the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT, TRUMPS #6 = Merkaba 

Venus in Gemini is…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for April 24, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for April 24, 2018 — atituṭṭhi — extreme joy

Pathavisamo no virujjhati,
indakhilupamo tādi subbato,
rahadova apetakaddamo
saṃsārā na bhavanti tādino.

There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who,
like the earth, resents nothing,
who is firm as a high pillar
and as pure as a deep pool free from mud.

Dhammapada 7.95
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – Strength – Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

3.25x5.5 card 222

Patience and strength go hand-in-hand with this card and there is a valuable life lesson to be learned. There will always be those who are the “beast” in your life, and how you handle your encounters with these people could be one of your most valuable tools. Let’s float the words “soft control” here for just a moment. And, keep in mind that Venus enters two-sided Gemini today.

When dealing with a difficult individual repeatedly, it is wise to take note of their patterns. What makes him/her tick? What triggers or buttons seem to set off a totally undeserved tirade? Your job is to recognize these before things are out of control. One controls the beast through gentle manipulation and persuasion; being kind is your best asset in this type of situation. However, if you have all the symptoms of being a perpetual brown-noser, you should reassess your tactics. No…

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Hau’ōli aloha Pō’alūa

Dense tropical vegetation frames this view of Rainbow Falls, an 80-foot waterfall near Hilo, Hawaii. Legends say that the cave beneath the waterfall was the home of Hina, mother of the demigod Maui.

Hau’ōli Pō’alūa ā pau. Ē ʻano keīa ʻano ā me kaukau aloha ī kekāhi ī keīa lā. Ī lā maikāʻi nōu. Ō kā maluhia nō me ʻoe.

Happy Tuesday to all. Be kind and loving towards someone today. Have a nice day. Peace be with you.

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 23, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for April 23, 2018 — ajjavatā — straight forwardness, integrity, honesty

Gataddhino visokassa
vippamuttassa sabbadhi,
pariḷāho na vijjati.

The fever of passion exists not for one
who has completed the journey,
who is sorrowless and wholly set free,
and has broken all ties.

Dhammapada 7.90
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – 3 of Pentacles – Monday, April 23, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Teamwork makes the dream work! Oh what a difference a few days can make. Mercury is now direct, but remains in shadow through May 4. With each passing day, the effects of its retrograde can be felt less and less. This is especially true in the realm of plans, where perhaps you felt as though you were doing your part the last 3-1/2 weeks, but those with whom you work may have been Mercury-challenged. Team efforts during Mercury retrograde are not as cohesive, as someone is always bound to drop the ball, miscommunication abounds, and delays of all sorts prevent projectsfrom running smoothly.

Today is finally far enough away from all that to see your team, if you are part of one, working more like a well-oiled machine. Keep in mind that not everyone operates at the same level, and assignments within any group should be doled out according…

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Contemplating The Stellar Man …

“Wisdom, the true origin of all knowledge, represents the highest treasure that the human being can ever succeed in possessing in this or any other century, on the planet Earth or anywhere else in the far reaches of the Universe. It is the arte magnum, the perfect vision of the essential reality of Nature, which encompasses developing the capacity to see oneself objectively, and evaluating the true level of development of one’s own instrument of knowledge, the mind.

All knowledge, in order to be true, has to be based on man’s internal reality, and has to be integrated into a wise, just, omnipresent, immortal, and eternal nature. The ability to see reality is not a congenital capacity. The human being is only able to observe the map that he himself created from a subjective, limited, and rationalized interpretation.

This process creates a personalized pseudo-reality, of which there are as many as there are inhabitants of this planet. I call this imaginative creation “social reality,” since in practice, the individual is a mere cultural resonator and an appendage of the collective psyche of humanity. This is why people live “halfway” and are a mixture of good and bad; why they are a little asleep and a little awake; why they are insignificant even with all their delusions of grandeur. In other words, they do not live profoundly and cannot even grasp the overwhelming significance of this fact. They just graze the surface of the planet and the epidermis of knowledge.

All authentic wisdom is “meaningful” and not “informational.” It can only be comprehended at the level of BEING, and not through merely intellectual faculties.

This initiation is a mystical and transcendental event that offers the individual a certain opportunity to cross the threshold that leads to the path towards spiritual perfection and cosmic wisdom. If the individual triumphs in such an undertaking, he becomes a Stellar Man. This represents the highest goal that Homo sapiens can aspire to, and which corresponds to the culmination of the evolutionary process, but which the species would reach only after many thousands of years of successful development.

Making this ascending leap leads the individual to completely overcome his animal condition, thereby moving him up one step on the evolutionary scale in the Universe. The path of self-perfection is long and arduous. There can be no other way than to pursue the attainment of authentic power over oneself and one’s own existence, and to pursue the possession of a state of consciousness in which disharmony, destructiveness, ugliness, aggression, and unhappiness no longer exist.

The real Hermetic Initiate acquires the capacity to transcend such petty realities, to instead place himself in the unlimited and infinite context of absolute reality; that which transcends time and space. From that moment on, he will never again be defeated by hesitation, loneliness, or doubt. He will have united himself harmoniously with that unique and powerful force which is a creator and maintainer of life.”

– John Baines, The Stellar Man

Daily Words of the Buddha for April 22, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for April 22, 2018 — aññātar — one who knows, a knower of dhamma

Yathā naro āpagamotaritvā,
mahodakaṃ salilaṃ sīghasotaṃ,
so vuyhamāno anusotagāmī —
kiṃ so pare sakkhati tārayetuṃ?

If one going down into a river,
swollen and swiftly flowing,
is carried away by the current —
how can one help others across?

Sutta Nipāta 2.321
The Discourse Collection: Selected Texts from the Sutta Nipāta, translated by John D. Ireland

Daily Tarot | Card of the Day – Judgement – Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Pluto begins its annual retrograde today, and other than the Death card, this is probably the most appropriate card to associate with this. There is an internal transformation taking place within us over the coming months, together with the apparent external one which has already begun for so many of you. The Judgement card represents a much-needed rebirth in a particular area of life, and you are really only at, or approaching the beginning.

We all have a higher calling of sorts, and are being asked to march to the beat of our own drummer. Perhaps that sounds a bit chaotic in a way, but it is not. In recognizing the situation in your life which is giving birth to a new era, you are entering into a glorious new phase which is only beginning to unfold. Allow it to happen, even though it may not be totally apparent yet…

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Through the Eyes of Tarot – Pluto Retrograde – April 22 through September 30, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

And so the adventure begins; you need to be ready to take a chance with regard to this next part of your journey. This is a period of discovery which includes what is hiding in the shadows, even in the very corners of your mind. To truly live this journey, you need to understand your hopes and dreams in complete acceptance of their reality. Somewhere between June and September, you will come upon where you wish stop and stake your claim. You will know what this spot is by the time of the next Equinox.

Explore all of your options before settling on anything permanent. This is about living your truth, a truth where you can stand inyour power and be able to get right to the heart of the matter. You will be achieving more than just clarity, you will also be abundant in knowledge, which can serve…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for April 21, 2018

Pāli Word a Day for April 21, 2018 — sukhādhivahaṃ — brings happiness, bliss

Appakā te manussesu, ye janā pāragāmino.
Athāyaṃ itarā pajā, tīramevānudhāvati.
Ye ca kho sammadakkhāte dhamme dhammānuvattino
te janā pāramessanti, maccudheyyaṃ suduttaraṃ.

Few among people are those who cross to the farther shore.
The rest, the bulk of people, only run up and down the hither bank.
But those who act according to the perfectly taught Dhamma
will cross the realm of Death, so difficult to cross.

Dhammapada 6.85, 6.8
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Card of the Day – 2 of Cups – Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

What a wonderful vibe the little monsters from Joanna Nelson’s Monstarot deck are giving off today. I truly hope we see this playing out on many levels. Balance and harmony feel like the theme of the day, and, of course, seeing it in one’s relationships is at the top of the list.

There are those who ALWAYS want to associate this card with love relationships, but it is so much more. We are another day past Mercury’s second retrograde of the year, so, yes, it is sort of ok to maybe go on that first date, but do not rush to commit just yet. Today’s 2 of Cups is more about the balance in relationships of all kinds. Bringing two sides together, who may not have previously seen eye-to-eye, and perhaps through an equal give-and-take, bringing them together in some form of harmony where they are finally on the same…

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Astrology | Taurus bull market time?

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Happy Taurus Time April 19 2018 — May 20 

Taurus season Tara Greene Francesco_del_Cossacopyrightfree (2)

Taurus was once the first sign of the zodiac in Ancient Babylonian times, when the Vernal/Spring equinox began. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus who was known as ISHTAR. Because of the precession of the Equinoxes Aries is now the 1st sign of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere in Tropical astrology.

TAURUS ladies- the latest Bite Astrology Taurus organic lipstick is out now. I am the Astrology consultant for this amazing company.


During the month when the Sun soaks up Taurus energy we all slow down, we are primarily in our bodies, more grounded, and indulging our senses which can feel much more acutely.  Taurus is stable fixed earth, it is our body and resources. Taurus is stubborn and can be lazy, they like to be couch potatoes.  Known as nature lovers, Taurus do love to stop and…

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La’au Lapa’au | Vervain

The Wonky Pot Apothecary



Botanical Name Verbena Officinalis

Common Name Lemon Verbena, Pigeon Grass

Family Name Verbenaceae

Parts Used Leaves & Flowers

Habitat Vervain Is Found Growing In Abundance In The Wild All Over Europe, North Africa And Also In China And Japan. The Herb Is Grown Through Seedlings During Spring Or In Autumn And The Plant Flourishes In Soil That Does Not Allow Water To Stand And Prefers A Lot Of Sunlight..

Botanical DescriptionThis Perennial Herbaceous Plant Grows To Be About A Meter Tall And Has Simple Opposing Leaves. In Summer, It Has Tiny White, Pink, Purple Or Blue Five-petal Flowers That Sit Atop Delicate Spikes.

Harvesting Guidelines The Aerial Parts Of Vervain Are Useful For Its Therapeutic Properties And Are Normally Collected During The Summer When The Plants Are In Full Blossom


Volatile Oil (Including Citral), Bitter Glycosides (Including Iridoids – Verbenin, Verbenalin), Tannins, Alkaloids, Mucilage. …

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