Lāʻau Lapaʻau | Growing Heather {Calluna vulgaris}

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Also, Known As:

  • Heather
  • Scotch Heather

The familiar heather plant – Calluna vulgaris – belongs to the Ericaceae plant family. The plant is an evergreen shrub that has many branching stems and can reach one to two feet in length when fully grown. The heather is characterized by the possession of minute and needle-like leaves, each of which is about one-sixteenth to one-eighth of an inch in length. The leaves are borne in opposite pairs and are clumped together in four rows along the short green twigs on the branches of the plant. The heather bears purplish-pink flowers with occasional white colored flowers – from July through September; the characteristic flowers are almost bell-shaped. In morphology, the shrub is a tough, bushy, and woody evergreen perennial.

The purple heather flowers have a bell-shaped corolla that is two mm across, formed by the joining of four purple colored petals into a…

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