Mo’olelo | Indigenous Wisdom in Bold Color: Meleanna Meyer and Maile Meyer on Indigenous Hawaiian Art – TEDxManoa

A tireless enthusiast for constructive and creative change in community, Meleanna loves to work to envision ways to make positive inroads wherever there is a need or call for positive change. A visual artist, activist, educator and filmmaker, Meleanna comes from a long line of dedicated folks who want to make a difference – on the ground, in places where indigenous voices and wisdom needs to be heard. She believes wholeheartedly that a return and honoring of indigenous wisdom traditions will ultimately save the planet.

New Old Wisdom, the calling forth and reintegration of wisdom traditions of our elders from all indigenous points on the planet are what is called for in these times. Focused intention, built in community through collaborative efforts is key to any real, substantive, sustainable change.

Maile is the third of seven children born to Emma Akana Aluli and Harry Meyer. Raised in Kailua on O’ahu, educated in Honolulu town and on the continent, Maile returned home in the 1980s and started a family, and several businesses. Native Books, Native Books & Beautiful Things, Na Mea Hawai’i, Mana Hawai’i and Mea Makamae were all started to honor and expand the presence of things Hawaiian in Hawai’i.

Most recently, Maile has been interested in supporting contemporary Hawaiian artists through her work with Maoli Art in Real Time POP-UP galleries at the Hawaii Convention Center and special creative collaborations including the Hawai’i Kakou Community Mural and the Sheraton Waikiki Helumoa Murals. The mural projects have been close collaborations with her sister Meleanna Meyer.

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