Making Sense of Medicinal Plant Research

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Anyone who claims that “there’s no scientific evidence to support herbal medicine” clearly hasn’t been paying attention. Scientists have conducted hundreds of thousands of scientific studies on medicinal botanicals, and this data complements our long tradition {several millennia} of using plants safely as medicine. But to the general public and budding herbalists, this research seems locked away in a world of science, out of reach to the everyday person. The truth is, anyone can access the majority of this research. Once you get over a bit of a learning curve, you will better develop your understanding of healing plants and boost your science savvy.

Most of the scientific research you hear about in mainstream media comes through a filter. Some outlets are impartial, others incredibly biased, with the goal of either boosting herbal product sales or convincing you that herbs offer no value. By assessing the studies for yourself, you…

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