Mars Direct in Capricorn 8/27: Searching For Inspiration

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On Monday, August 27, Mars will station direct completing its retrograde through the last part of Aquarius and the first two degrees of Capricorn.  Mars is the planet associated with that which we desire most in life. It is the craving we must satisfy and the lover we lust for passionately. It is the drive to make our dreams tangible, the bravery to confront one’s fears.  It is seemingly unconquerable. Like adrenaline, Mars is the strength and energy to persevere and survive when the odds are stacked against you.

With Mars retrograde the last two months, it is likely these aspects of our lives and of ourselves, have turned inward for a period of internal review and soul strengthening. Its lessons presented themselves as obstacles, such as the inability to express oneself accurately, difficulties connecting with one’s passions, or inhibited creative or sexual release. Its lessons also likely inspired a…

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