Shamanic Animal Spirit: The Dove (Peace)

We often complain we live in an aggressive world. And many of us pray for peace. But do we always create peace in our own lives? Peace is not simply an intellectual concept or a geopolitical status quo. It is a state of being. If we were able to bring peace into ourselves, our world would certainly be very different. This is what the spirit of the Dove is suggesting at this time: bring peace into yourself. Slow down, relax, close your eyes and breathe regularly. Pause for a moment this stressful and frenetic modern life, and get back to Now. Use any technique you like to stop this incessant chatter of mind: yoga, meditation, a walk in nature … Now, you are already more peaceful. If you are currently experiencing conflict in your life, you are invited to choose a peaceful resolution … because the peace you create around you and the peace you achieve within yourself are one and the same.

MESSAGE FROM THE DOVE: “Bring peace within yourself and it will spread through the world.”

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