Card of the Day – 4 of Cups – Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tarot by Cecelia

Feeling in a rut? That urge to break out peaks today as Mars and Uranus square off once again. A reminder that this energy is one best put to good use, and not to let yourself be overrun by it. Since May, you have been trying to do something, and there have been many zigs, zags, detours, and holdups along the way. Sorry, but the same old, same old will just not cut it anymore. Boredom with the status quo may run rampant now.

So, what to do when you are feeling like this? First, ask yourself what it is that you don’t want in your life; that should be pretty clear. Meditate, contemplate, do whatever it is that helps you achieve a place of clarity. Next is considering what you do want, and this may be where it can become tricky with the 4 of Cups involved. Don’t rule…

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