Full Moon Animal Totem | Owl (retreat)

Our modern western life is always full of demands and noise.  It keeps our mind busy, but we can rarely find true answers and inspiration in this constant turmoil.  Sometimes it is beneficial, and even necessary, to remove ourselves from this frenetic world and get back to ourselves. 

The spirit of the Owl is inviting you now to retreat, to be alone and silent.  Many people are actually afraid of this.  They see solitude as loneliness, silence as dullness and inactivity as boredom.  But, take a bit of time in nature.  Put down your smartphone.  Switch off the TV … and you may actually enjoy this moment of respite.

Your mind, as well as your body, needs to have a rest.  You may be surprised by the insights you will receive if you pause for a moment and listen to your inner voice.

Message from the Owl:

“Take some time to retreat and enjoy being alone.”

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