Lāʻau Lapaʻāu | Effects of Geranium Aroma on Anxiety in Heart Attack Patients

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

As one of the most common forms of coronary artery disease, acute myocardial infarction (AMI), otherwise known as heart attack, is a leading cause of death with a life-threatening urgency that demands immediate treatment. AMI leads to disability, fatigue, depression, and sleep disorders. Nearly half (42%) of AMI patients experience anxiety. When hospitalized for an AMI, patients often experience severe anxiety during the first 48 hours. Aromatherapy is used to reduce stress, pain, depression, and anxiety. Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens, Geraniaceae) aerial part essential oil has antianxiety effects. According to the authors, there are no studies that evaluate the effect of geranium aromatherapy on patients with AMI. Moreover, according to the authors, there is a lack of well-designed, rigorous studies evaluating the safety and effectiveness of geranium aromatherapy for any condition. Hence, the purpose of this randomized, triple-blind, placebo-controlled study was to evaluate the effect of geranium aromatherapy on…

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