Greater Celandine

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Greater Celendine

(Should be used with Caution)


Botanical NameChelidonium majus.

The scientific Genus name Chelidonium is derived from the Greek word “chelidor”, meaning swallow.

Other Common Names: Common celandine, garden celandine, celandine poppy, felonwort, swallow wort, wart wort, svaleurt (Norwegian), celidonia (Spanish), eclaire, chélidoine (French), Schöllkraut (German), svölujurt (Icelandic), keltamo (Finnish).

Family PAPAVERACEAE – Poppy Family

Habitat: Greater celandine can be found growing wild in almost all European countries, West Asia, North Africa and North America. The plant prefers dry sunny areas and is often found next to buildings, or thickets.

Plant Description: Greater celandine is a perennial plant belonging to the poppy family (Papaveraceae). It can grow up to 60 cm in height and the whole plant contains a large amount of a yellow latex that turns orange when it comes into contact with air. The stems are branched with long…

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