NEW EARTH & POLE SHIFT || Galactic Cycle of The Divine 11/20-21/18

This all still blows me away, it is all synchronized/orchestrated perfectly- Divine Time☺ Don’t forget to charge your water & drinks w thought/intent before drinking- it holds memory. I was seeing how people are drinking memories of the info the water stores during packaging/transport/sitting on shelf & it is crazy.

2012-2020- 4th density synchronization

2012- beginning of the end of linear time 3D matrix time, false grid removal through collective focused thought. Beginning of the end of “time” as in 12 months a yr 60 min clock-false timing frequency created by THE VATICAN TO ENSLAVE through creating a conscious construct/artificial grid of crystallized collective thought

2019- New Divine Feminine Galactic cycle- reactivating The Mother Energy. Individual awakening process begins to become collective. The shift becomes more real.

2019-2020- pole shift becomes more physical

2020- last group activated, triggering mass collective awakenings at a larger level. Many twin flames & soul groups will be together or getting together around this point or after this point/organizing around this timeline.

2021=5 (cycle pattern of the 5)completion & beginning of last phase/stage in closing cycle I was seeing a “split” of realms here in this timeline point

2021-2022(6)- completion of activation of last group

2022(6) balancing out, collective integration

2024(8)2025(9)- completion of collective grid synchronization. End of one Uranus cycle, beginning of new.

5th conjunction of 5 star pentagram sacred geometry of earth & venus around sun, happens in 5 stages over 8 years (2024)

(cycles of 5 or 5-5-5=6)

I’ve mentioned this in past videos, the patterns of Uranus & Venus cycles are connected to this new earth grid synchronization process/pole shift/collective shift in consciousness. This process is more individual up until July/Aug 2019 then after this point 2019 it becomes more at a collective level where lightworkers, starseeds, twin flames really start going to work and we see the planet transform through synchronized collective thought, it is amazing!

The Gregorian calendar or 12-month calendar was created by the Vatican to create a collective focused thought artificial grid system known as The Matrix to keep us out of sync with natural order in natural time of the cosmos- Leela, in order to maintain control in the fourth dimension where synchronicity takes place, which is the natural timing frequency that we are collectively moving back to. The Gregorian calendar was a construct of the Pope and the Vatican Draconian/Dows agenda to create a matrix system and cap off Consciousness to the third dimension through Collective Focused thought throughout generations creating an artificial timing frequency grid and unconscious programming of a false perception of reality. The shifts taking place right now or activating the spheres of the brain that have been dormant due to the programming of the Vatican. The awakening process or upliftment process, releases the imprints/programs of the false 3D matrix reality. Its basically a time loop within a reality that has been created to enslave & drain/harvest energy.

The closer we get to July 2019- the more real/physical the pole shift becomes. That’s when we as a planet and Collective shift into the natural timing frequency. I’ll make a more in-depth video on this because I have a ton of information connected to this that I’ve received over last for 4-5 years that I’ve written it down and I recorded myself when messages came through, its just everywhere/very disorganized.

**The only ones who need to be worried about a rest or economy collapse are the ones dependent on 3D programs … if you are experiencing synchronicity in the form of number or signs, you are no longer plugged into that 3D system of fear & control. The ones pushing fear are only pushing it due to their own perception. Nothing to fear, its something that is bound to happen with a collective shift … the old systems no longer work, it MUST change.

I mentioned this in the past but, the “Ascension” is known or referred to as the “UPLIFTMENT”💜 by the Galactics, so when I say upliftment that’s what I’m speaking about.

Interference in the video, around 4:30 sorry! Anytime we are in the middle of huge energy shift or right before a huge energy shift the interference gets worse I’ve noticed personally. Last week I tried to upload messages about false flag events and I doubt with the most interference I’ve ever had. To the point where I just completely gave up for a few days. I’ve also noticed that things that I’ve been remote viewing lately, I’ve been dealing with blocks while I’m remote viewing or being viewed like being watched as I’m remote viewing or there’s an awareness of my consciousness that I am made aware of deliberately.

Next wave will be near/ after full moon within the next few days. these waves seem like they are nonstop which they are now since October 2018. seems like one long wave now lol. false flag events could be around this time also, for their Full moon matrix energy harvest on 11-22-11or 11-23-11.

Last weeks wave was intense- huge energy came in! It wiped me out for a bit. I don’t get hit hard with emotions that often but I definitely felt it last week & the physical symptoms & has been throwing off my cycle as a Feminine.

The pole shift is going to become physical. West coast is a focused. Some have lost homes in fires recently to get them in another direction or diff location before a larger shift for some that may not be holding higher vibration. Seeing this in many diff ways but def a shift is HERE. Already here, just playing out now in physical.

**Putin is really working towards unity as a collective I was shown several diff times, his agenda is with pure intent.

There are monad groups connected to many diff DNA programs and hybird programs id like to talk more about soon.. what I was shown is crazy and confusing to me. This is also connected to the Nibiru/ship (its a hollowed out ship that looks or appears like a planet) there are neg and positive groups connected to this Nibiru-ship (and they pronounce it differently, like Nib-HI-ru the i in nibiru sounds like the beginning of saying “him” and it is emphasized).

I was also seeing what appeared to be different contracts in the psychological experiments of humans here during Free Will programs, Twin flame programs, Starseed and walk-ins programs and Ascension programs during the planetary 4th density/5D Upliftment.

Keep your vibration up when you can..focus on the mind/thoughts/emotions being sent out. Nurture your body. Rest. Have patience. Compassion and non-judgment to others. We are all doing the best that we can in our own individual experience, you don’t have to have it all figured out. And don’t blame Mercury retrograde 😁Mercury retrograde is a positive thing- it brings deep insight, revisiting to transform, deep thought within, more downloads of information and super easy access to other realms. People just assume a retrograde is negative- its not, if anything its the most internally transformative, then it helps us to project that new transformed perception into our reality as a planet/Deva goes “Direct”… to me retrograde being negative one of the most misleading concepts in astrology.

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