Energy Update || The Heart Chakra Race – 11/28/18

🕳 Correction:   Livestream Group Meditation Thursday 9pm EST USA, if youre unable to make it Thursday on the livestream, you can watch after- group meditation is still just as powerful. Sorry if audio is muffled- my microphone on my device. I only deal w audio interference when i use this device ive noticed & trying to get it taken care of today if Im able so wont have the issue during livestream & my reading recording! Doing my best.

They are blocking the sun due to our connection through the earth to the sun. It helps build our new aesthetic template and natural grid.

The most important thing that we all can do is focus on our individual spiritual growth so we’re able to be of service to others.

We have to starve the dark forces by not letting them trigger you or get a reaction.. they’re focused on YOU because they cant focus on themselves or create themselves.. we have a lot of clones/ organic portals that are scrambling right now because they control and manipulate through the emotional body through the astral plane. When the unconscious patterns become conscious there’s no longer feeding those beings or thought forms and they can no longer manipulate to create.

The soul is detoxing the emotional body through the physical body.

Detachment but staying in the heart is key. We all have a specific role individually then a universal role.. those that are trying to create division or duality are plsying their part in the 3D role.. and some will remain in their 3D role. It depends on the individual.




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