Paradigm Shift || Martin Kenny – 2020 DE-TO-X … Ascension CODES


I think it’s safe to say that we are living in very strange times. Many are even calling it the LAST DAYS/DAZE.

There is certainly a natural mystic in the air.

All this is not a random coincidence. We are slowly consciously individually & collectively evolving & shifting.

There is a mass conscious awakening underway …

And like any mass shift, there is bound to be confusion, chaos, uncertainty, anxiety, etc.  But it’s all good, this is all heading to a beautiful fantastic climax – VISION 2020

In 2020 our universe will experience something known as a galactic alignment or Solar event. These events periodically happen over cyclical time, in various scales. The last biggish one occurred in 1859 and it’s called the Carrington event, also linked to the great mud flood.

The one coming in 2020 is going to be much much bigger…this one only occurs every 2 – 3,000 years. The last cosmic event this big was the biblical great deluge/flood. This coming 2020 solar event is not going to be as physically catastrophic as the last one. The last one was a WATER cataclysm where as this one will be AIR centered.

This coming event is meant to realign cosmic energy & consciousness within the various earthly domains/realms of our vast Earth plane. This energy will begin at the CENTER of the Earth (North pole) Spiraling outwards & back again over a short period of time.

The Event itself will be triggered by an electromagnetic sonic boom that will look like what we know as a Nuclear atomic bomb.


However, it will be positively NUCLEAR … It will give humanity a NEW CLEAR vision for the future – individually & collectively. It will give us 2020 VISION. I suspect the current so called powers that be will attempt to use this natural cosmic event as a false flag.

They may say “aliens” did it or it was caused by “global warming”… This sonic boom of electromagnetic energy will shut down our entire electric grid instantaneously, causing a collapse of our financial, socioeconomic, political & collective cultural existence as we know it. This event will be used to pave the way for a new way forward.



The so called “elite” who currently run this realm are aware of this event & have been planning for it for a very long time. These post 2020 plans are accelerating as we get closer to the time frame – As I’ve proven in this video.

Anyway … This cosmic event is not to be feared. It is a natural process to allow growth within our individual & collective consciousness. The electromagnetic Purple, red & green astral rays that this event will create, will cover the entire plane of our earth for a short period of time. It is not to be feared.

Government authorities will most likely tell us that this green mist caused by this event is a toxin (TO – X – IN).

They will tell us to stay indoors & not go out into the radiation. They will say it’s harmful radiation … And indeed it will be for many … Mainly for those who have heavy metals in their bodies, i.e., vaccines, iron from meat eating, GMO foods, etc.

But for those with minimal harmful chemicals in their bodies, the radiation will radiate & activate dormant DNA … (supernatural abilities).

Those of us planning to make the pilgrimage UP North to the CENTRAL realm of our Earth (Eden) – this will be our window of opportunity.

In this Video presentation I am going to clarify & give you information on how best to prepare your ARK ( mind, body & spirit) for the coming air deluge. Those staying in this realm, will have the opportunity to forge a new path forward as we shift out of our conscious iron age (Pisces) & into our bronze (Aquarian) age. Whatever your path, I hope you enjoy the ride it’s going to be a little bumpy but no doubt exciting & adventurous as well.

VISION 2020 — For those with eyes to see.

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