Card of the Day – Death – Monday, January 14, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

The beginning…of The End. You are entering a transitional phase which allows you to close a very heavy door. You will not be closing it today, but things are beginning to get real, and chances are, you know soon they will be very different. This is not a card to be feared, although the path ahead may be a bit chaotic and less than smooth. Any transformation which is taking your life to a better space in the long run is certainly worth the expense of a slightly bumpy ride.

This particular part of your journey is allowing you to bring to closure events which have been occurring since 2011. It is time, for when you finish with this part, the biggest transition of your life awaits, as new doors will begin to open for you soon. You will be reborn, rise up better and stronger, with a new purpose…

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