2 thoughts on “Technology Wars || The Truth About 5G – Dr Graham Downing

  1. America must remain free, forever, and must e diametrically opposed to any scheme to take it away, by any group. They want slaves, they’ll work for nothing until they inflate everything two fold then you’ll work for even less and have to pay more to live, then you’ll rent a house, you’ll rent a car, you’ll just rent everything and own nothing but the bare minimum to think you do own, until they work to take that away, heard Australia just made it illegal for their politicians to take money from Chuna. 28:40 what a un-life coming, unless you decide you don’t want to live under robots in your country

    Not screwing human DNA is important, esp. for future planetary offdpring. Fake sugar screws your insulin and leptin so you’re never full, didn’t they put stuff in dog food that made them hungrier? Why not people food? But when your leptin runs out at your next soda pop you might not stop eating until your stomach hurts, then have some yeast to stretch the bread bag and be it larger with more sugar, then you need even more food to feel full, don’t start with fat cells start with the enlarging stomach epidemic. I know, we can strike stomachs and lipo trans fats out, but really you need your insulin and leptin, avoid GM0 chem soaked carbs and fake sweeteners which deplete you if necessary insulin and leptin, try a high protein, berry and fruit and veggie and low carb diet. Add check this out

    Remember that lab rat thatwent from almost every cell infected down to 49 percent cell infection after 2 weeks if CrSPRCS9? Well after 17 incurable diseases could be cured 3 vaccine reaserxhrs drowned, including a CDC researcher, two were accidents one a suicide, too costly to get rid of whole treatment programs

    Bone health or bone c.ncr?
    Tricalci.um ph.sphate in ‘cr.k butter’ veggtable oil spread as a nutrient is really hydrxyapa.te a radio.actve fertylzr, same stuff is whatr makes tobacco radoactve. Now you can get something else to get cncr when you got them to get rid of their transf.ts and thus goes straight through your body and stores in your bones

    Tobacco is fed a radio ac.tv fertlylizer which turns into P0LONIU.M 21O. Goodbye smoker/vaper, and then for first fire prevention there are now required rings of glue added to the cigarette papers, now they smoke glue and polon.um and 5 different forms of bnzne, not quite zykln, but it’ll turn into that. Sodium chl.ride turns into chlrne in the digestion and with the chlrde raises blood pressure while sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) increases pH of water to make more alkaline, where pepsin may not produce acid reflux in the body, and gives good sodium without raising pressure. Vitamin b3 defficiency auses dimentia, pellegra was due to lack of b3 in a high-corn diet in the 1400’s, were in corn syrup, the daily minimum of b3 to someone that low is like a daily drop of water to a man rescued walking around a dessert dying of thirst. B3 niacin: niacinamide: nicotinic acid, the body can’t make ATP in the muscles without it, need b3 or substitute for cell redox, nicotine works in the same way, that’s why the smoker who got some nicotine in a break doesn’t feel hungry all of the sudden, smokers are addicted to vitamin b3 like the rest of us but usually deficient and need the next smoke and don’t usually get all their b3 from a healthydiet, not sensing a nutritional lack when they get it each time they light up. Smokers who are vitamin b3 deficient after quitting smoking find themselves eating more, their body is desparate looking for b3 in those potatoes and tomatoes, and so people who smoke are really addicted to vitamin b3 and nicotine is a straight stream of a replacement fuel, it’s all the waste that’s added as a fertylizer or bug repeller or flavor additive or preservative that kills everyone who smokes

    Alzheimer victims brains studied were gray with aluminium absorption, but that’s what we spray for cloud seeeding in the air, the cure is identifying the cause of the disease and prevent exposure, we all know alum. Is bad for the body, but instead we give money to find a treatment program not really stop the cause, instead they start another cause and then ask if you want to give money to find the cure, and the cause, well that’s just the advertising campaign. Good thing Bill G gave 50m to find a cure after his dad came down with Alzheimer’s, maybe there will be a new hospital treatment program

    New research shows that when chromium dissolves in HCl (your stomach acid) it turns into the bad kind, that is they find chromium in its trivalent and hexavalent oxidtion states in the cells, Australian researchers. England I guess is now saying it’s no longer an essential nutrient. Polyethylene glycol is what destroys the kindness in dialysis patients who tried to kill themselves by drinking antifreeze, yet is in many vitamin supplements, it’s in with my B complex as a filler next to silicon dioxide. As far as chromium, it becomes dangerous to your body once it starts dissolving in your stomach acid, then through cell respiration it even hits your lungs.

    Air ‘purifying’ Deionizers circulate air through radioactive sheets, the air you breathe is being filtered through radio-active metal.

    Helium is gas produced from uranium, people blow up balloons and inhale it to talk funny, also people inhale hexaflu.ride to have a few laughs. Have some healthy air if you want what’s already pure, but people unknowingly breathe radio-active stuff, or other things

    Clean energy… plants convert co2 back to O2, or do we to keep dusting stron.itum dust over our crops, which now they say is good vibe therapy and good for you, and good therapy for people with bone canc.r: have some more. Maybe there should be new agenda for the twenty first century
    as to how we deal with our waste, natural to the planet or waste after putting de.adly or t0xic things together that never were before

    Vitamin c kills cancer but what you’re taking is a asorbic acid.
    Zinc poi.sns welders but it’s a good vitamin to take, kills things like your cold and too much can leave you unable to experience pleasure

    Cannabis works in your body’s own endo-cannabinoid system and balances hormones, now people are out of balance. It was banned when nylon rope wouldn’t sell because hemp was cheaper and stronger and readily available and made by the people. Now people get Mercury in vac.ines and ‘silver’ filings, Mercury causes neurological problems including schizophrenia

    Titan.ium dixde causes c.ncer but you can eat it by the donut unecessarily because the powder has to look whiter before you can eat it

    Organic (metal/che.mical) free Cillantro detoxifies from metals

    You’d be surprised the synthetic forms of vitamins in your children vitamin supplement, and your own,
    ascorbic acid so you think you got vitamin c and don’t care if you don’t get any in your diet, then there’s tocopheryl: met.ylated phen.ols “vitamin E” or benz.ne,ings that target the heart, kidney and liver, worse in smaller bodies but still will kill, synthetic vitamins-can cause anxiety and depression
    cholecalciferol or “vitamin D” kidney and heart killer in rodenticides, they’ve had problems with dogs and cats ingesting it when it was meant to kill possums

    Synthetic ‘vitamins’ are to die for
    Better off spending your money on good healthy organic food and get a good variety

    For cncr try for nutritional needs 2 percent fat cottage cheese and GROUND flax seeds, black cherries and organic green tea, also a high protein low carb diet is good for so much, watch The Magic Pill, not chm-soaked high corn syrp diets

    Inirgnic Phsphates added to food is absorbed more by the body then in their natural forms, almost twice as much, and they cause renall failure

    They do all this yet do not legalise a nice easy euthanasia for anyone who wants one, instead you can spend every dollar paid by corprstions and put it back into their hospitals, instead of day starting sime investment group, competitor b ank or company etc

    if you have a gluten intolerance it is likely a bad reaction to R0UND UP soaked GM0 grains and wheat. According to leading heart surgeon Dr. Gundry gluten does cause infl.mmation in the cardiovascular system, but polyphenols in berries actually unclog arteries, have a good day!


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