Discussion | Acting with Love Energy – ALOHA – leads to Increase of Life

When we put our heart in what we do and show that we are truly present in our actions, we will give people what they really need which is the increase of life. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. When we enjoy doing something, when we have passion for it, when we are enthusiastic and genuinely desire to benefit others, that is when we are putting love energy in what we do. In essence, all that we are really doing is communicating love.

Anything that is experienced without love energy is empty. That is why people still feel empty when they have obtained a thing or service from another. There was no love energy present in the work done. The person was doing it purely out of job requirement or obligation. There was no real passion in the service, which results in no real enjoyment for the person receiving it. What we want is not material things from others, but the love which they can offer through those things and with those things.

Why do you think receptionists are told to be courteous and have friendly attitude towards callers they are speaking with? Why do you think waiters at restaurants are instructed to smile and show warmth to those that dine in? Why do you think we all know instinctively the need to create a positive experience with whoever we do business with? It is all for the purpose of showing love to those we interact with. Money makes the world go round but only love makes this world a better place.

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