Card of the Day – 7 of Cups – Monday, January 21, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia


Again, Full Moon blessings, everyone! We are in the heart of the Leo Eclipse, and it is a Total Lunar Eclipse at that. As previously stated, there is so much happening right now, that an Eclipse of this magnitude, being a Supermoon and at 0, one can not possibly have a clear view to know which way the wind is blowing. The 7 of Cups today shows us just how confounded we may all be by the “What should I do?”s.

It is possible for it all to feel a tad bit overwhelming at the moment, for while the 7 of Cups can represent wishful thinking and daydreaming, it is currently saying that something is absolutely too much. More than likely you find yourself faced with options, but no knowledge of the consequences which could be related to your choices. Choice does not always come easy during Eclipse season, and…

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