Love & Witchcraft Calling Bullshit on Soul Mates

The Witch & Walnut

love-witchcraft-calling-bullshit-on-soul-mates.pngOh February…. a month filled with the promise of Love and heartache.

I was prompted to write this today because last night a dear friend of mine confided in me that his wife had just left him. Not due to infidelity but rather personal circumstances on her end. Not the news I was expecting to hear from him and I am certain he wasn’t expecting it either. Many tears followed and the constant deafening question of why and how?

Why didn’t I see this, why didn’t I know, why didn’t she talk to me, why why why? How could she, how will I move on, how will I get her back?

Ultimately… who the fuck the really knows, but her? He may never know the whys and hows and that is just something he will have to endure and he will. In times of such heartache, acts of desperation usually…

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