Card of the Day – King of Swords – Monday, February 25, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Our King of Swords today possesses the mental clarity to go forth and cut right through all of the bs, in order to get the job done.  This is a very organizational mode, and great for clearing away any cluttered areas of your life.  Rather than being ruled by emotional attachments, the King of Swords relies upon his intellect to help him see his projects through to fruition.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, this guy can be one of the most vile people you have ever met, the narcissist, the bully, always demeaning and critical of everything.  If there is such a person in your midst, do not give him, or her, the time of day.  Trying to prove them wrong only feeds their ego.  Block and delete; do not engage.  If you do not entertain their nonsense, they will move on and find someone else to bother.

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