Energy Update || Week of March 4, 2019, with Matt Khan

Did that title get your attention? It certainly did get mine when I received the download this morning. It actually made me laugh. I hope you at least chuckled, whether realizing the gravity of truth that rests behind such a response or not. As we explore this, may laughter and light-heartedness be our guide, which is more helpful a tool than most degrees of intense spiritual seeking. No matter how deeply our existential fact-finding mission takes us, the true holistic benefits of our soul’s evolution begin to dawn as we dare to come back into our bodies and anchor our light into physical form.

In order to realize the Absolute truth of reality, the Absolute must be seen as no big deal. Otherwise, you are likely to blame a lack of Universal Awareness as the reason why the things you want appear far away, while the things you never wished for seem so up close and personal.

The reason why the things you want aren’t here yet is so simple, it has the potential to throw you off your chair in a fit of laughter.

Why aren’t things the way you want them to be? It simply is not time for them to occur.

What is or what isn’t is solely a journey of being in harmony with time, while having absolutely nothing to do with how universally aware you seem to be. Equally so, it’s not as if things aren’t going your way because you aren’t in harmony with time. That would make life a cruel game of reward and punishment. While this might be the way you were raised by your family, it isn’t how the Universe operates.

It is simply the case that everything you want, wish for, need, and desire are already destined to enter your field of reality at specific moments in time. Being aligned doesn’t necessarily make those things come faster, but allows you to live in greater harmony with the Universe, so you may enjoy each moment of growth, evolution, and expansion from the perfection of your soul’s perspective. This is true in the same way that watching a movie in a state of pure stillness doesn’t improve the story line, or make each character suffer worse the more you resist. It is simply a matter of never-ending relief and eternal enjoyment that remain the invitations to awaken and embody the bliss of heart-centered consciousness.

Have you been lead to believe that a realization of the Absolute will be the very thing that turns everything around for you? There are those who insist, “once I land this job, once I meet my partner, once I reach this level of popularity, or once I reach this level of success, then I’ll know I’ve made it and can feel the way I’ve always wanted to feel.” You can most certainly feel as good as you desire, but life will show you that it will have nothing to do with what you do or how you are seen. Sometimes, we bypass such a crucial realization by insisting, “While those worldly things couldn’t guarantee my happiness, surely a realization of the Absolute will do the trick.”

So here we are. Living expressions of Absolute Source energy waiting for a realization of ourselves, hoping it makes the difference that nothing else has. We are destined to feel better and have every opportunity to feel more empowered, aligned, passionate, loving, and free than ever before, and it occurs the moment we contemplate, “What if the Absolute is no big deal?”

Once the Absolute is no big deal, the importance is given to this very moment of engagement, instead of drifting out of this scene to wander around in the stars. I share this insight as the essence of what the Universe has helped me learn as a being who experiences awakening on a daily basis. Having lived in an uninterrupted state of Samadhi or living state of meditation for the past 14 years, I can tell you firsthand: the Absolute is no big deal.

WHAT IS a big deal is the choice you make (again, and again, and again…) and what you do with your time to manifest the Absolute you already are into tangible physical form.

What matters is how deeply and often
you choose to love.

While my awakenings have helped me cultivate a highly-charged vibrational field, this vibration has the potency and power to transform others on contact because of my insatiable love for being alive. I love being in the human body and have treasured each moment of my life, whether it felt pleasant or relentlessly awful.

For most, the realization of the Absolute just creates a bigger playground to get lost in– instead of bringing energy down the central channel and radiating it through the heart and all the way down to be anchored into the grid of the Earth.

There are those who seek to realize the Absolute and there are those who have experienced the Absolute they have sought. Often times, those two aspects manifest endless spiritual seeking, discourse and debates. Even when seekers become realized, they often just switch roles in the debate without freeing themselves from the conversation at hand. Whether having realized the Absolute or not, the Universe reminds you that the cornerstone of spiritual mastery is embodying the light of your Absolute reality through the oneness of heart-centered consciousness.

This means it doesn’t matter how much you know, but how open and loving you are willing to be that determines your vibrational alignment. No matter how often or deeply you have recognized yourself to be the almighty kingdom of Heaven’s glory, you’ll still have deadlines to meet, a family to care for, a partner to nurture, a body to maintain, and changes to face.

If your realization has awakened the infinite peace, eternal grace, unwavering compassion, joyful patience, elegant mercy, unconditional love, uncompromising integrity, and unshakable resilience of a fully embodied soul, then such a realization has served you well. If it has made your inner seeker hungry for more, then it is more than likely a way in which the spiritual ego maintains its false position of authority.

More important than anything you hope will happen the moment realization dawns, is asking yourself, “What will I do differently throughout my life once such a shift has occurred?”

If you know what you are willing to change in your choices and lifestyle once realization occurs, your best course of action is to begin making those more empowered choices now.

Why wait for anything to be different when YOU are the difference life is trying to make?

Once the Absolute is no big deal, spiritual realization is no longer an object of materialism we are trying to beg, borrow, or steal from the Universe. Instead, it is an open-ended opportunity to explore the infinite capacity of your being for the evolution of reality, instead of an emergency exit from the human journey.

The Absolute is no big deal because you are the biggest deal in existence. You are the one life is waiting for you to meet. If the big deal that you are is also seen to be the Absolute truth of all, then the truth has been seen directly. And as long as such realizations inspire greater love for yourself and others, the Universe remains ready, willing, and able to guide you further along this majestic journey, with no end to the miracles created whenever we come together.

This is the importance of living ALL FOR LOVE. It is the way in which the already fully realized light of your soul enters the consciousness of your physical body to manifest Heaven on Earth, as One for all.

Sit with this energy for a moment. It is the very confirmation of how realized you already are. Realization is not the focus of your mission. Becoming more open, loving, and emotionally free than the world in view — that’s the mission at hand. As you will continue to see, the results and implications of such a heart-centered focus are beyond anything you could ever imagine it to be.

All for light. All for life.

All for love,

Matt Kahn

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