Energy Update || All For Love, by Matt Khan

The month of March always represents an auspicious level of initiation for the evolving heart-centered seeker. Using numerology as a guide, March contains a period of activation beginning on 3/12 all the way through 3/21. Each date adds up to 3 on both sides representing the master builder angel number 33. This indicates a month of crucial activations that create building blocks for the embodiment of higher vibrational realities. While such higher realities are revered for the inspiration, elation, harmony, and joy they represent, often times, such frequencies can offer a bit of a challenge as they move into your field. The fact that 2019 adds up to the prime number 3, allows the period between 3/12 to 3/21 to represent a radical period of growth and expansion, particularly in the activation of crystalline DNA. Such DNA gets activated when the light of your consciousness is ready to be fully aware of itself in physical form.

As strands of crystalline DNA get activated through this period of rapid growth and expansion, it transmutes out of your field the outdated 3D carbon-based DNA that has maintained identity with material realities at the exclusion of your soul. Because you have spent the majority of your Earthly life identified with patterns rooted in carbon-based DNA, such layers of transmutation can manifest as fatigue, exhaustion, extreme sensitivities to sound, reactiveness to the ego patterns of others, feeling displaced, scattered, unable to find your center, or focus. I refer to this process of transmuting carbon-based DNA as the phenomenon of cellular purge. During these moments of energetic and existential upheaval, it is crucial to stay hydrated and grounded in present moment awareness.

While next month ushers us into the April showers of renewed creativity, drive, passion, and determination, March urges you to honor the significance of your evolving Mastery by keeping your life as simple as possible. As crystalline DNA gets activated, you may find yourself feeling mentally empty, expanded, or buzzing from a natural high. If identified with mind, the mental emptiness may be perceived as brain fog. As expansion occurs, you are dwelling in the body while perceiving from the outer layers of your energy field. Often times, there is an orientation period where we learn to function as human beings under the heightened levels of awareness many have only accessed during lucid dreaming or deep meditative states. Because these expanded states are rooted in the beingness of light, it can trick your brain into not knowing how to “do” or accomplish tasks when feeling so relaxed, elated, and altered. The key is moving slowly to allow being and doing to unite as one embodied expression of consciousness in action.

This union of being and doing, which highlights the synthesis of crystalline DNA in human form, means you are able to function, but the littlest things may exhaust you, as you adjust to life at a higher altitude of consciousness. Please be kind to yourself and patient with others, as we each develop the endurance to be and do simultaneously, instead of oscillating between being and doing as two opposing states.

The key to this climate of masterful growth and expansion is integration.

This is precisely why I was inspired by the Universe to create the Total Integration Program — to help heart-centered empaths and energetically sensitive souls, such as yourself, adjust to the new 5D reality on a mental, emotional, and energetic level as directly and gracefully as possible. As you are ushered into life in a 5D timeline, more of the outdated 3D imprinting and overlays known as ancestral and familial conditioning continue to drop away and return to Source. Instead of focusing on trying to clear away such conditioning, it is more essential to abide by the laws of 5D consciousness by getting to know life in expanded states of consciousness, so to allow what no longer serves you to dissolve on its own accord. By taking this more integrated approach, you invite the forces of light to work on your behalf to resolve each layer of density.

May this month of 333 activations bring to light more of your spiritual mastery, allowing you to receive the extraordinary gift of perceiving your beauty, uniqueness, and perfection from the perspective of Universal truth. There is so much more to you than meets the eye and now is the time to begin seeing yourself as you truly are. Even as Mercury Retrograde adds another layer of technical glitches and unforeseen setbacks to the depth of masterful evolution occurring this month, it pales in comparison to the infinite power making its presence known as a light waking up within you that cannot play small for even one moment longer.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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