Witchcrafting With Substitutes

The Witch & Walnut

Add a headingHappy Spring or Autumn Everyone!

I hope the start of the season has been kind to you in all the ways you may need it to be. Finally the snow here is mostly gone and there are a hints of green springing back to life. The ground underfoot has started to warm and the birds that sing their sweet sweet song in the mornings was worth the long winter wait.

I wanted to pop in today to discuss the use of substituting ingredients in your spell craft and rituals. I frequently get asked this question…. What to use, what can be changed and can I use “this” in place of “that” and so on…

My general answer to this question is no. I know I know…. Witchcraft is all about intuition and the feels, blah blah blah…. But if you are popping onto my site and going by one of…

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