Prosperity & Abundance; Tales of a Poor Witch

The Witch & Walnut

Untitled designI often get email requests for more money, prosperity and abundance. More often than not I actually get emails requesting specific amounts of money. Luck with gambling and lottery tickets.

How can we generate more money? How can we get more of it? I can’t manifest an exact amount for you, cause if I could… I would’ve done it for myself a long time ago. But we can work with charms, talismans and amulets to help Lady Luck send us a wink.

Lets take it a step further…. Everyone is always asking for money, to live in abundance to just have it all. But what are you giving back in return? In fact, what are you offering in the first place?

Like with any spell craft you do, just asking for something and not offering anything and not doing anything else isn’t really going to yield a whole lot. Can’t…

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