Energy Update | May 12, 2019, with Matt Kahn

In celebration of Mother’s Day, may we take the time to honor the Divine Mother in every heart.

Not just for the special woman who helped deliver you into this world, or even the person who helped give you the experience that your birth mother, perhaps, was unable to provide. When honoring the Divine Mother, it is a celebration of reverence for the life force energy that manifests as the flow of creativity, essence of love, and streams of intuitive inspiration flowing through all of us.

May each man, woman, and child be honored for those they will love, the light they shine, and all the creative ambitions they were created to bring to life.

Whether close with your birth mom, embracing the joy of a surrogate mother in the form of a close friend or relative, or honoring the inner wellspring of creativity that wants to express its art through you, I hereby honor the Divine Mother in all of us as a love that has no end.

To all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, relatives, friends, neighbors, and even those we have yet to meet and love, I honor the Divine Mother in you, as the heart-centered consciousness transforming our beautiful planet.

To life. To light. To laughter. To love.

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