Public Health | Lawfirm Announces $101 Million Measles Vaccine Settlement for Infant that Suffered Brain Injury

It’s now public record: $101M settlement for an infant that suffered permanent brain injury resulting from the measles vaccine. Sadly, all that money won’t begin to make up for this child’s cognitive loss. (That figure definitely exceeds MICRA limits for non-disclosure of the settlement … YES!)

Rest assured, Plaintiffs’ counsel thoroughly researched the damning evidence, so no need to continue saying “where’s your research”. The research is now a matter of public record. We The People have been defrauded by Merck, a/k/a Big Pharma … and Merck settled because it didn’t want all of its dirty laundry out for further public scrutiny.

It is truly an unfortunate commentary on American society that the present process for believing the truth behind the vaccine FRAUD had to go to this length to be heard, let alone accepted as fact, rather than political conjecture. Now, it remains to be seen whether the ridiculous stranglehold on a parent’s right to choose not to vax their child(ren), together with the overreaching demand that employees provide proof of vax for work purposes, will be lifted.

Happy Mothers Day … ‘AUWE!!

Read article here:

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