Energy Update | May 16, 2019

Imagine yourself in a renewed state as your current state. A state where all your prayers have been answered. Everything is present right now. Healing, abundance, love, comfort, peace, and clarity. It is all here. Surrender to it and claim it as your state now. This is when prayers, intentions, visions, and miracles start to manifest. When you realize that the state you’re praying for is not far away in a distant future but a state in your mind, in your energy field, in your heart, and in your spirit which you can claim as your truth. Claim it now. Say your prayers are answered for yourself. It’s already done. The minute you feel it, say it is done to yourself. Smile about it. Laugh. Be light about any situation. Deep down you already know that current state isn’t final or even something you have to accept or be defined by. You can think a new state into existence. One of peace. One that gives you strength, guidance, love, and comfort. Be very very very patient as things are happening on a subtle level first and it WILL present itself and it always does. The point is to recognize these miracles that have been happening in your life. It always has been happening for you. Recognize and praise the blessings. Look at your life and see where the source has blessed you in every way and use that power to propel you forward into your new state. It exists now. It is with you now. Be open and let your heart feel this message and feel all the weight being lifted off of your mind. Breathe. A deep clarity and a deep relief has just entered your life. All of your prayers are answered so celebrate the arrival now.

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