Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Chickweed

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Herb: Chickweed

Botanical Name: Stellaria Media.

Common Name Adder’s Mouth, Alsine, Chick Wittles, Chickenmeat, Clucken Wort, Common Chickweed, Hashishat Al Qazzaz, Passerina, Satinflower, Sercedili, Skirt Buttons, Star Chickweed, Starweed, Starwort, Stitchwort, Tongue Grass, Vogelmuur, White Bird’s Wye And Winterweed.

Family name Caryophyllaceae

Ayurvedic/ TCM Name N/A

PARTS USED: Aerial Parts & Roots

NATIVE REGION: Chickweed is native to europe and asia, and is now found throughout the world. It is a common hardy plant that easily grows in cropland and fallow fields, lawns and gardens, areas adjacent to buildings, and in waste areas. It prefers partial to full sun, moist to mesic conditions, and moderately fertile loam or clay loam soils. It tolerates light shade and temporary flooding, and while it can be found to some extent in natural areas, it prefers areas that have been disturbed.

BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION: Chickweed is low growing, with matted and trailing green stems from six to fifteen…

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