Amelia’s Fried Rice Sauce

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Oh fried rice, how I love you.  Seriously, fried rice is such an awesome comfort food.  It also is a fast, cheap and easy way to repurpose leftovers!  But you can’t have good fried rice without a good sauce.  This is a sauce Amelia developed years ago.  It’s crazy good!  I use the sauce to make fried rice but my niece Julia loves to put it on plain white rice.  I like to make this sauce by the gallon and store it in the freezer in 8 oz. deli containers for a really easy leftovers-meets-rice dinner.  Here is the sauce recipe.  Instructions on frying rice follows.

IMG_4597Amelia’s Fried Rice Sauce

1 1/5 part soy sauce
2 parts pineapple juice
1 part brown sugar
freshly minced garlic (to taste – I like lots)
freshly grated ginger (again, to taste)
splash of vinegar (I like to use rice wine vinegar)

Mix all…

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