Truckin’ With Chef Robert Hesse

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fo cheezy

What does a celebrity chef do after he’s helped others launch and promote countless restaurants? He takes his own new concept to the place he’s from – the streets! CPM caught up with Chef Hesse to see what’s been cookin’.

“I’m currently having a food truck built out. It’s going to offer artisanal style, gourmet grilled cheese.” Chef calls his new creation Fo’ Cheezy Twisted Meltz. “It’s not yo momma’s grilled cheese. I’m going to make chef aggressive melts that mash up different cultures and flavors.” And, with crazy melts like the Cuban War Pig, the Mac Daddy Roll, Buffalo Mother Clucker and The Lick Back, we know it’s going to be off the hook. “Originally I’d planned on a brick and mortar restaurant with a different name but I wanted my food to be more accessible to people. I want the guy who’s never tasted duck to try…

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