Energy Update | July 8, 2019

“No one can know you more than you, so the idea is they don’t get to judge you even if they attempt to. They can’t judge you, it’s not possible for them to actually judge you because they have nothing to do with the experience of your life. It’s your life. You are a unique reality. Even if they attempt to judge you, you will understand that if they are doing so, it’s a projection onto you of issues within themselves that they themselves are afraid to face, so they’re the ones in greater fear than you. See them that way, anyone who judges you, you can simply compassionately recognize is struggling with a greater fear than you have or they wouldn’t project that judgement onto you because they are afraid of looking within for fear that they themselves are unworthy. Do you think you can begin to look at others that way if they judge you?” 
– Bashar

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