Energy Update | September 11, 2019

Things are becoming more clear for you. You’re discovering what you want and you’re starting to speak intentionally about it. You’re taking the necessary action to release, let go, and recreate everything in your life. You’re being more present lately and you’re noticing the signs that are taking you to the next level. This sense of presence and awareness is what’s going to help you attract the best! That option to experience exactly what you want is there. You are always making choices with every single thing you do. Choose to be consciously present and see how everything always unfolds. See how much you’ve outgrown and how far you’ve come. See exactly the strength you have within your mind, spirit, and emotions. Don’t let yourself for another second ponder on the past or overthink what if. Change that up. Speak something new. Think something new. Feel something new. We are completely a collection of thoughts, feelings, and energy we entertain all day. Harness your mental energy for greater. Visualize the best for yourself by accepting, loving, and owning your truth. You are a gift. You are very special. You are a powerful magnetic attractor of what you want. Believe in yourself. Now is the time to feel a sense of relief. A sense that all is well. Every single moment is all good because you are aware now to decide and attract the best. It’s your time. It’s your turn. Shine brightly!

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