Energy Update | September 16, 2019, with Matt Kahn

Over the past 10 years, many light workers have gone through a rapid trajectory of clearings and activations to prepare each of us as anchors of light supporting Earth’s ascension. For most, this period has been filled with reoccurring patterns of loss, chronic illness, emotional upheavals—and also moments of bliss, elation, and profound clarity. While many will say that such ‘relief’ hasn’t lasted long, there is no doubt we, as the leaders of a new spiritual paradigm, are being ushered across a huge threshold in preparation for something incredible.

The question is —
what are we being prepared for
and more importantly, how can we align with
this trajectory so we can begin feeling better
than we’ve felt in the past 10 years —
right here, right now?

This is exactly why I was guided to offer the upcoming “From Clarity to Embodiment” call. It is a broadcast free to all who are called to awaken their deepest purpose, embody their highest potential, and most importantly, learn how to begin feeling good now. In this free call, I will overview the themes of the next 10 year cycle while exploring what we’ve accomplished over the past 10 years, where we are headed, and best of all, where to place your focus for maximum relief and benefit.

Please do everything you can to join us for this incredible call. There are free replays for those who can’t listen live, so please invite your friends and family to join us for this most clarifying, relieving, and inspired broadcast!

Now is the time to step to the forefront of conscious evolution, ridding ourselves of the tendencies of taking on other people’s energies, so to anchor the light of unity consciousness for the benefit and expansion of all.

If you are ready to say goodbye to stress, worry, fear, doubt, and shame, then please join me in two days—this Tuesday—as we take a quantum leap from clarity to the embodiment of our soul’s highest destiny.

Please mark your calendars and reserve your space for free here.

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