Energy Update | September 19, 2019

What you’re looking for is looking for you. Your intended vision is already yours. The second you thought of it and believed in it, it has already been claimed by you. It’s making its way to you know. Our mind operates on a mental plane where we visualize, imagine, and create our next experience. This mental plane is as real as the physical one but it can’t be initially seen but within your inner world. This is all taking place when you speak, think, and feel something into existence. This is your power. We give the external experience more credit because it is tangible. Sometimes we might even believe in it too much that we forget that the mental plane exists where we see what’s possible and our true potential that we bring into the physical world. Your experience shouldn’t be limited what your physical senses are showing you. You have the power now to reimagine, recreate, and redesign your life. The only thing is you can’t worry how or when. You should just be busy designing, celebrating, and having fun because you know what you want is already yours. There’s nothing else to it. Fear and doubt has gotten in the way for too long because we only trust what we see not what we believe. Not anymore. It’s time to claim your power that what you want is already yours. This brings automatic ease without needing, forcing, pushing, and trying so hard. Be calm about it because your faith is stronger than what you see. Things can instantly change for you. Don’t ever doubt that. Live in a space of sudden surprises and blessings. Be open to what can happen for you.

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