Energy Update | October 8, 2019

I FEEL THIS! I hope it finally all happens for you. A spiritual breakthrough. A financial breakthrough. A high energy breakthrough. A healing breakthrough. A love breakthrough. A healthy living breakthrough. A mental health breakthrough. A emotional health breakthrough. It is time to finally receive. Some kind of breakthrough. Some kind of sign to restore your hope and make you 100x more of a believer because you have finally seen a miracle happen. This is the time. It is now. We are ready. You are ready. Get your mind and emotions in order. Get yourself together. Celebrations are arriving in a major way. It’s even those inner breakthroughs that are so important. Those aha moments that life is starting to make sense. That trust you’re starting to have. That self-love you’re starting to feel just being you. This is the beginning for all of this. This is your reminder. I feel this deeply and I hope it resonates with your heart as you begin to make your dreams a reality. You are living the most unexplainable life beaming with mystery. All you can do is trust right? All you can do is believe right? It’s all so fascinating anyways why not imagine your wildest dreams in while you’re at it. Loosen up a bit. Play more. Relax. Don’t be too serious. Don’t get all caught up. Laugh at yourself and your situation. Lighten things up so your spirit can thrive. You are okay and you are doing your best. Step out of your own way and let your inner light shine. This is your time!

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