Energy Update | February 3, 2020


The better you become, the attract better. You have the power right now to receive anything you want. You can’t do the same things and expect change. You can’t blame anyone or anything. It’s time to take responsibility for your reality. Start transforming your mindset. Start upgrading your habits. Start being more positive.

Everything is energy. There’s a powerful magnetic energy pulling towards you the people, things, and situations currently occurring in your life. This magnetic pull is your energy signature matching you to the vibration you hold. If you don’t like what you’ve attracted up to this point, don’t stress yourself about it. You can always recreate yourself. However, never point fingers at the circumstances; these could be results of your current thoughts creating lessons for you to grow from. You should never blame things on the outside, that just weakens your personal power to take responsibility for you life.

Instead, focus back on your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you have about the world. What is that little voice in your head constantly saying? What emotion are you always holding? Your state of being is constantly gravitating everything towards you. You can’t keep asking for something and hold a negative view on it. Everyone desires change, but to become better you have to start doing the “self-work” to overcome any limitations and fears you hold. You have to start by forgiving yourself and everything outside of yourself first. Forgiveness is a high vibration. It frees you. Did you know forgiveness is detaches your current precious energy from the past? When you’re no longer playing the victim, you allow yourself to transcend into a new space. This space allows you to heal and recreate your vibration to attract new experiences.

Every moment you have a choice to use your energy to grow your vision, so don’t give it away to others or the past to benefit from it, while you deplete in sorrow. Let go of all the resentments, the could haves and should haves. Once you own your power, you now have the opportunity to attract better!

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