Matt Kahn | What is TRUTH?

The evaluation of truth is not necessarily based upon the evidence you collect. Simply because, anything you firmly believe attracts the subtle or profound events, outcomes, characters, or circumstances to further any degree of personal certainty. The greatest confirmation of truth is confirmed through the activity of your nervous system. When a higher truth is noticed, your nervous system is relaxed, your heart is open, you are more likely to forgive than to pass judgment, or allow the past to occupy space in your memory. When a lower truth is noticed, your nervous system is triggered into high alert. As a result, your heart shuts down in protection mode, where you are more likely to hold grudges and build walls up against your surroundings versus embrace the mercy of forgiveness.

This may help you realize there are degrees of truth.

There are higher truths as well as lower truths wherein each lower truth acts as a step on a staircase helping you ascend into higher altitudes of perspective. When you embrace a lower truth as gospel, you stop moving upward, in exchange for something to defend and project onto yourself or others. When a lower truth is embraced, as if it’s a higher truth, it brings out your least redeemable qualities which restrict the amount of light moving through you and into your reality.

The question isn’t what is or isn’t true. It’s all true, in some shape or form given the appropriate circumstances, your level of consciousness, and the timelines your awareness inhabits. And, it’s all a part of a higher truth that includes the fate of all possibilities.

A useful tool to sift through the lower truths you may be assuming to be higher truths is cultivating the attribute of self-awareness.

Yes, there are self-centered people on this planet feeding off the unprocessed pain dwelling in hearts worldwide. There is cruelty, abuse, narcissism, corruption, and addiction to be found for those who are eager to notice it. And yet, the question remains, what vibration, traits, and attributes do you embody when regularly diving into these subject matters? Do you instantly make enemies out of those who match the mental checklist of your personal judgments? Can you speak of narcissism or even the activities of an ex-lover with an open heart– or does the very filter of perception bring out your worst instead of your best? It doesn’t mean you should never speak of these subjects, but to spend your time acclimating to perceptions of experience that are more supportive to your nervous system instead of being dire and detrimental to your healing. As you evolve in consciousness, you will be able to shine a light of awareness that exposes the remaining shadows of personal and global atrocity, but from a perspective that offers transparency, respect, and affirming solutions for the greater good of all.

The viewpoints that bring out your best are the truths that are helping you be your best. Equally so, the viewpoints that bring your ego out to speak and act on your behalf confirm truths that are here to be acknowledged and seen through along a journey of infinite expansion.

Only the ego believes it has to divide characters into categories, naturally based on the fear of being taken advantage of or hurt once again. In my experience, to say I have been hurt by narcissistic tendencies would be a degree of truth, but not the whole truth at all.

In truth, it has been the will of God unexpectedly shaking me upside down, only to empty my pockets, so greater gifts can be received.

The notion that you cannot take your attention away from atrocity for one split second is the last ditch effort the vibration of fear tries to employ. Even the question of spiritual bypassing is a lower truth and power play tactic only fear can sell you. It’s quite easy to notice, since most people who know of bypassing are either accusing others of doing it or remain afraid of doing it themselves. It’s just a pattern of self-doubt shrouded in spiritual clothing. If the Universe never asks if you are bypassing, then why should you bully yourself with such a lower truth?

Even if you were bypassing, life will continually organize experiences to help you develop the courage to face your feelings at a future date. No one gets out of this game without waking up, so the question itself only cultivates fear or aggressive tendencies for those who use such a question as mechanisms of domination or defense.

How a degree of truth causes you to act, react, think, and respond, whether in-person or on social media, remains your most essential tool of discernment. If it’s your truth, you’ll be able to speak openly, passionately, and compassionately. If you find yourself without the ability to hold such a higher perspective and anchor it from an equally grounded space, it’s not untrue, just not yet your truth at this time.

Just because something is true, doesn’t make it helpful for your evolution. If it’s helpful, it will inspire generosity, mercy, compassion, patience, creativity, and respect, no matter how others choose to be.

Whether you know him as Jesus, Sananda, or Jeshua Ben Yosef, when on the cross, notice how he didn’t say: “Perhaps I was bypassing. Maybe I’m in resistance. Why did I attract this? I knew I should have listened to my friends in the conspiracy chatrooms more often.” Instead, he uttered the words, “Forgive them Father they know not what they do.” This demonstrates the power of our free will to choose light even in the presence of insurmountable darkness. Such a shift creates an expansion of consciousness with the power to awaken endless worlds of discovery in every heart.

Your highest truth is the insight that allows your heart to remain open, nourished, faithful, and inspired. That which brings out less than the purity and radiance of your heart is merely another idea to see through en route to an even higher truth — where all hearts are already free.

Please enjoy every section of this newsletter, and know that my heart is always with you.

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