Meditation Moments …

You’re doing your best right now. With all the changes taking place in your life you just need to remember that you’re okay and you’re going to make it through stronger and more aware. Think peaceful thoughts. Feel love in your heart. Expand by letting it all go with no resistance and strong faith that you’ll experience the best that life has to offer. Claim it as yours.

Don’t wait for circumstances to change to accept the peace that’s present with you right now. The one day you think you’ll have peace and calmness is today. It is right now that you can mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually claim peace and calmness. This is the beginning of things shifting externally.

Too many times we let our inner world get clouded by what we see on the outside which tries to control how we think and feel. This is no more. Banish anything that tries to claim your mind or even tries to have power over how you react and respond. Your growth is claiming the states you want to feel as your truth right this moment.

Get out of the waiting game for things to change to claim blessings, peace, joy, calmness, and happiness over your life. So what things are the way they are? What are you going to do with thoughts and feelings that reaffirm a negative state? Nothing! It doesn’t help and it won’t change anything. You’re better off thinking “what if!” You’re better off fanning up the energy of hope. Even just believing that it can change is a big shift. The mental state needs to be lifted! Higher and higher we go as we stop being reactors.

Things happen but that’s not it. Nothing is final. Why marinate in anything that’s not feeding you good energy? Why allow anything or anyone to get a piece of your life force through your attention? You thought too long. You felt it. Now try something new.

Claim peace instead. Here and now. Today we claim the state we want to enter as our truth.

You are very powerful! You are very special and gifted. You are a visionary for a reason. You have an imagination for a reason.

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