Day 5 – Locking it Down with CPM

Cook Plant Meditate

It’s been years since I spent much time sitting at the computer, typing away. I don’t quite type 70 wpm anymore, but I’m still pretty fast. I had forgotten how cold it gets sitting at a desk and typing. My fingers feel like popsicles. [Pours another cup of coffee]

We dusted off the Playstation 2. Literally dusted it off – it was covered in sawdust, sitting on a shelf in the garage. I’ve been holding onto it forever because I love the game Burnout 2. I am terrible at video games and more so at driving video games, but the object of Burnout 2 is to crash the car! I’m exceptionally good at crashing video game cars. Mad skills, old school, with a corded controller.

Construction of our LEGO city continues. I made what was supposed to be a schoolhouse, but I thought it looked like a saloon then added…

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