Locking it Down with CPM – Day 4

Cook Plant Meditate

NOW were on lockdown… I got that going for me! They’re not calling it lockdown or quarantine though, they’re calling it “shelter in place”. I’m lucky enough to live in one of the six San Francisco Bay Area counties who have been shut down. I had a panicky minute (or 30) after I realized that I’d be at home with a mouthy pre-teen for 22 days. At minimum. They’ll let us know later if we can leave our houses on April 7.

How to Monday the Mondayest Monday ever:
1. Get provisions
2. Get put on lockdown for 22 days.
3. Beer thirty.

I’ve been saying “I’m not going to the store.” I folded yesterday. I had explained to my daughter that we’re not spending 22 days staring at our phones. We’re going to read, do math, cook food, learn to do new things. She said she wanted to learn…

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