Astrology | March 19, 2020: Spring Equinox – Karmic Rebalance + Restructuring

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Last week, the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic over the COVID-19 virus, an extremely contagious novel illness. The fast, far-reaching spread of the COVID-19 has infected 171 countries, over 200,000 people and taken the lives of almost 9,000 individuals. These numbers are expected to keep growing, with governments initiating quarantines and implementing social distancing measures, economies plunging, and health care and emergency personnel on the front lines without the appropriate tools and supplies needed to protect themselves and those who are sick.

People are afraid, unsure, and confined; this pandemic has turned our lives upside down, without any indication of when things will return to normal.

Predictions feel bleak and heavy.

Times are changing; it is inevitable. We have been told this, but now it plays out for us to see.

Where will things go? How will our world move past this? Will things ever be normal again?

A look…

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