Day 6 – Locking it Down with CPM

Cook Plant Meditate

Here’s something fun to pass the time when you’re sheltering in place along with 8 other Bay Area Counties! I had some cuties that were on their way out. Instead of tossing them, I hand juiced them. Then put the juice into the freezer for another day.

Raise your hands if you’re sick of hearing coronavirus!! I prefer COVID 19. Sounds like we’re going on a spy mission, instead of staying home and cleaning the floor again. We played monopoly yesterday. Monopoly. No one ever wants to play Monopoly because it takes forever. Guess what?! I got time to play Monopoly.

Tide Pods Fresh Scent– A review: Who uses this crap? I just want my clothes to smell clean… not like the air freshener aisle. Also, thanks to dumb teenagers who ate Tide Pods, you may need an engineering degree to open the container (dumb teenagers: they do…

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