Astrology | Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is the planet of tradition, success, manifestation and goals. It is an earth sign that rules the 10th house of career and long-term success. Saturn is a planet that in mythology connected to Greek Cronus, the Father of time. Saturn is a realistic planet, that gives us time and structure and very important lessons. Therefore, its energy can sometimes feel heavy and disciplined.

Aquarius rules the 11th house which is all about groups, organisations, friends and the collective. It is future thinking, ground breaking and kinda unique. It is all about being that unique spark and through this creating a new world. It is utopian and also very humanitarian. It wants to have freedom to seek and enter new grounds and does not see life only from the perspective of the individual, but also from the perspective of all of mankind. It does not like traditions nor restrictions at this time and is willing to update and refresh old beliefs.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is in Taurus since almost two years back. So we see the interaction between earth and air now as these major planets are in planets that they are normally not comfortable in. Uranus is disruption and innovation and breakthroughs, and this is going on as the

Saturn in Aquarius will limit us as a collective when it comes to how we gather, meet and organize ourselves. It restricts, but also helps make our innovations more grounded, earthed and manifested in the physical. We have the opportunity to focus and have patience in the New Age that we are in and as we are creating change we need to have patience and structure to create long-lasting change. When the bigger planets make a shift, a transit, it is more felt on a world level and in our lives as a collective, so we will sense and experience a lot of shifts. Since Aquarius is the future and higher technologies, there will be more focus and physical creation there.

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