Foodstyles | Day 22 – Locking it Down with CPM

Cook Plant Meditate

Happy April 75th! Or is it the 99th? How’s everyone doing? Holding it together? Having Zoom meetings while your dog barks at the mail carrier? My dog barks at the mail truck when it stops at every single house on our street. Every house. Every time. Six days a week.

I’ve never appreciated rotten deck boards before last week. It’s a gross wet rotten pain in the ass job, trying to remove 4-inch nails and stripped screws filled with paint. I was happy to leave the house and remove those boards last week. Now the residents of those buildings can walk their dogs over and over again (and they will) without falling through the decks. One day last week I almost hit 10,000 steps! But that work order is complete and we don’t need to talk about how many steps I’m clocking now.

Traffic was amazing. What would normally have…

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