Affirmations | Aligning With Light, with Matt Kahn

In the name of aligning with your highest truth, dare to be a spokesperson solely of the content from your own living testimony. Aspire to share, not what you’ve heard from others or what you saw on social media but simply what your eyes and ears have witnessed — in-person. Otherwise, you will be asked to answer questions that may offer greater conjecture instead of the clarity many are seeking.

While we are living in extraordinary times, the end-result is one of an infinitely-positive outcome.

I’ve seen the end-result of Earth’s ascension from within the halls of the Akashic Records; and yet it is the will of humanity that chooses which path or timeline takes us exactly where we as a planet and species are destined to be. I wholeheartedly honor any degree of truth that anyone is inspired to share. I have no judgment about what anyone chooses to track, question, or discuss. I am merely focused on the mission at hand and service to the world to assist in Earth’s ascension.

No matter how outrageous things have been or continue to be, we manifest the light by anchoring the light. As an example, on 4/4 thousands of light workers assembled to anchor the light; since that day, with the integration of such high vibrational energy, the world has felt more calm, centered, and at ease on a collective level. This is a direct reflection of our combined efforts activated through the laws of unity consciousness. While there is a deeply-ingrained impulse in a human being to uncover the hidden, expose each lie, and cast light on the agendas of inhumane treatment, please know that tracking the activities of darkness places the vibrational power of your anchoring of light on pause in favor of trying to expose a dark agenda that you willingly align and resonate with.

This doesn’t mean anyone should stop watching disturbing videos or discussing these topics. It’s your decision to choose how you wish to serve the greater good of all.

If you wish to be of the highest noble help during this transition into 5D consciousness, my suggestion is to spend more time blessing humanity, affirming the highest outcome of your heart’s desire, and loving the innocence within you that sends love to all hearts in existence the more often self-love is embraced.

Those who dare to align and resonate with the light with such unwavering commitment that they forget to be updated on ‘behind the scenes’ activities will enter a parallel reality where all that many are fighting for– already exists to be found. This is why there are three waves of ascension: the third avoids reality through substance abuse and technology addiction, the second yearns for truth and peace by waging battles against creations of deception and injustice, and the first wave enters the new 5D earth plane first by anchoring the light of oneness — no matter how divided or devastated the world may be.

Choose well radiant soul. Choose well.

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