Day 42: Locking it Down with CPM (breathe)

Cook Plant Meditate

As far as construction goes, we replace a lot of rotten stuff, scrape popcorn ceilings, tear out and replace flooring and baseboard, fix sheet rock, replace plumbing fixtures, paint, and a multitude of other things. But this. This is the grossest gross. We have been slowly working on this gross place for 2 gross weeks and have another gross week left. Neighbors say 2 little old ladies and a husky dog (as well as mice and roaches) occupied this unit. We’re guessing they didn’t own a vacuum. Or clean anything.

So in our service to health and public safety this week, the universe responded and gave us some things we really needed.

Bleach. Got bleach! We really need bleach for cleaning and laundry, not for hoarding.  

Produce. Got produce! Found the best little out of the way open air market called Bill’s Ranch Market. They have a wide variety…

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