Day 48: Locking it Down with CPM (social distancing)

Cook Plant Meditate

At CPM we are loving social distancing! Maybe we’re a little crazy, but hear us out:

Social distancing is our favorite. We would like people to stand 6 feet away in perpetuity. We do not mind waiting outside Costco for a few minutes, because once you get inside, it’s not overly crowded. There is no long checkout line. No one asks you if you want a credit card, solar panels or DirecTV. People don’t bring their entire family. There is no social hour by the books. There aren’t hordes of people blocking aisles waiting for a tiny piece of frozen pizza (there is also no wanton waste associated with handing out millions of samples every day).

Ever stood in a line when a person behind you is clearly sick but stands 12 inches away? Or someone came to work sick and coughed all over your workstation, and then you got…

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