Current Events | Fall of the Deep State – Elizabeth dethroned, New King of England, Staged RIOTS, George Floyd

We, my friends, are witnessing the unfolding of the Greatest Awakening that humanity has ever seen. With the DISMANTLING of the dark and dirty web of the CABAL, the Swamp is being drained from the inside out. It’s happening.

Here are the links I promised:

1. Footage of Cops putting on this man’s death as a display for everyone to video-graph (were they pushing for a RIOT, were they again trying to start a fight between BLACK and WHITE? Who is sick enough to do this?? Why are the COPS behaving this weird? What part of this was staged? Is George really dead (if so, may his soul RIP). Asking the right questions will find you the answers.…

2. Fall Cabal Episodes 1-10:…

3. New King of England:…

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