Astrology | Mercury Retrograde Emotional reset

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

June 17 astrology aspects today  with the moon in Bullish Taurus

Mercury turns retrograde in PDT tonight at 14+ CANCER on SIRIUS and U.S. SUN

June 18th at 12:59 am EDT until July 12.

Expect the usual Mercury Retrograde snafus but this time its expressed through Cancerian themes, women, emotions, your tummy, your mom, your emotional needs, intuition and dreams and what makes you feel safe emotionally.

Its time for an emotional review, a rewind of your childhood issues and cleansing cleansing cleansing.

If you’re born at mid-degree of ARIES, LIBRA and CAPRICORN you will experience this Retrograde the most. Cleanse your emotions, diet and home.

It’s an emotional re-set, revolution, review, reflection. What with the BLACK LIVES MATTER and revolution against status quo and police being racist. We need to find an emotionally stable place to look at what needs to go and what people need to feel emotionally…

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